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Branding /brandiNG/

It’s how you close the deal without making the pitch.

What do we mean by “suck”? We mean generic logos, cheesy taglines, uninspiring stories, bland messaging that doesn’t make sense and worst of all, lack of long-term strategy. Your brand is your first impression and the way potential clients decide if you’re worth a damn. So, why would you settle for a brand that sucks-that doesn’t make sense? A brand that doesn’t make sense, won’t make dollars. And let’s be honest, that sucks for your business, your clients, your lifestyle, and your reputation in the marketplace.

Featured celebrity client

We were asked to rebrand and rebuild Bethenny’s personal website from the ground up in preparation for her appearance as a guest Shark on the ABC hit TV show “Shark Tank”. We had one week to get it done and we did!

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